Currently the investments world is changing dramatically, we believe that investors are looking for long-term sustainable project opportunities to invest at. The projects we are featuring fit the development strategy defined for Portugal and are ready to receive EU incentives.

The future belongs to those who envision the opportunities before they become obvious, we seek today to find solutions for the future.

Invest in a last generation agrifood business

Agrifood business to be installed at a 44 hectares farm located at the West region of Portugal. The farm has the ideal features given its intense agricultural activity in the surrounding area generating the raw material to run the industry.

Invest at agrifood business

Rural property for sale with 44 ha and gorgeous house

Located in the West Region of Portugal at an intensive agricultural area, has all the infrastructures, gets nearby the Atlantic Ocean and the capital Lisbon is 75 km away. Noteworthy is the quality of existing buildings that make up the residential area which is surrounded by a beautiful and already consolidated garden for about 35 years.

Farm for agrifood business investment

Senior assisted living homes

Invest at senior assisted living homes designed to offer dignity and quality of life covering several aspects related to seniors health and well-being. This project is of similar characteristics to the assisted living developments that exist throughout Europe and the United States, it is currently approved and ready to be built with high quality standards.

Invest at assisted living homes serena senior

Eco Resort for 50+ at São Martinho do Porto – Portugal

141 hectares of land approved by official zoning plan for an eco resort with golf, turistic construction area and hotel.

Eco Resort Baia Sao Martinho do Porto

Eco resort project with sea front at Bahia – Brazil

Invest at a project with 243 hectares of land at Brazil in tourist expansion area with one mile (1,600 linear meters) of beach front. Has environmental studies already completed and the area urbanistically remains uncontaminated to be transformed into an eco resort that takes advantage of the natural values that the surounding area has to offer.

Eco resort at Bahia - Brazil